June 15, 2021

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Vehicle pulled from lake in Pearland matches description of SUV belonging to missing Erica Hernandez – KPRC Click2Houston

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PEARLAND – Police said the vehicle pulled out from the pond in Pearland Tuesday evening matched the description of the SUV belonging to missing Houston mother Erica Hernandez.

“The car, I mean it’s her car. There’s a body in there, but I don’t really feel anything right now,” said Ashley Hernandez, Erica’s sister.

The family patiently waited in the neighborhood as dive teams searched the water and crews removed the vehicle. Ashley said the family wants to see the vehicle but hasn’t been able to yet because it’s considered evidence.

For Ashley, some things just aren’t adding up.

“There’s no reason for her to be over here,” Ashley said. “I think somebody had to have made her go in this direction for whatever reason.”

After three weeks of searching for Hernandez, Houston police said they were led to a small lake at the intersection of Reflection Bay and N. Clear Lake.

After searching the area, investigators found an area that was consistent with a vehicle striking a curb and entering a body of water at the end of the road.

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