August 1, 2021

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Venomous cobra on the loose in north Raleigh neighborhood –

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— A venomous cobra is on the loose in Raleigh.

The zebra cobra was last seen on Sandringham Drive in northwest Raleigh, according to a warning issued by police at 1:30 a.m. The neighborhood, called Brittany Woods, is near Leesville Road.

Venomous cobra on the loose in north Raleigh neighborhood

Neighbors woke up to a warning from police that the snake was free in their community. The snake was last spotted on a neighborhood porch.

Officials are concerned the snake could bite or spit if cornered. According to the African Snakebite Institute, the snake is very dangerous. The venom could cause tissue damage and could be fatal.


Its markings include vertical stripes, and it’s nocturnal.

Residents of the community were watching their step when outdoors. They said they had no idea a venomous snake had been living in their neighborhood, and they’re concerned – especially for their pets and children.

“It is pretty alarming. It seems like a pretty dangerous snake, and dogs like to sniff in the grass and check things out,” said Mark Pavlic, who lives there. “It’s an extreme worry.”

Dogs aren't the only animals at dog parks, so beware

The zebra cobra is not native to North Carolina – it’s from Africa. It belonged to a neighbor.

North Carolina state law says it’s not illegal to be in possession of venomous snakes if the owner keeps the reptile in an escape-proof enclosure.

There also had to be an escape plan – and a specific location for suitable antivenin.

(Lam Yik Fei/The New York Times)

Police say the venomous snake came from a nearby home, and to call 911 immediately if you see it.

WRAL News has reached out to nearby hospitals to see if they have the antivenin for the zebra cobra, and will continue updating on this story as more information comes out.

Do you think dangerous exotic animals should be legal to keep as pets in North Carolina? Let us know what you think in Your Voice.

Venomous snake: Zebra cobra on the loose in a Raleigh neighborhood


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