September 17, 2021

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Watch live cameras as Hurricane Ida makes landfall: Views of New Orleans, south Louisiana –

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Hurricane Ida is expected to make landfall on the southeast Louisiana coast Sunday as a dangerous Category 4 storm, forecasters say.

By Sunday morning, Ida’s outer bands were bringing steady rain to the New Orleans area. National Weather Service forecasters say hurricane-force winds are expected in parts of south Louisiana by Sunday afternoon.

See the latest storm forecast from the National Hurricane Center.

The storm’s rapid approach made a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans impossible, but Mayor LaToya Cantrell urged anyone who could leave town to do so before Saturday night. Leaders of neighboring parishes have either ordered or strongly encouraged their residents to evacuate, too.

Here’s a collection of live cameras from New Orleans and surrounding areas. NOTE: Some cameras may go offline as weather conditions worsen.

View of New Orleans from the West Bank

This NOLA Broadband Tower camera in Marrero, on the West Bank of the Mississippi River, is pointed toward the city of New Orleans. (View on YouTube)

French Quarter

This live camera via CCC Live is located in New Orleans’ French Quarter. (View on YouTube)

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New Orleans city street

Here’s another view of New Orleans, via CCC Live. (View on YouTube)

Louisiana traffic cameras

This live video shows a collection of views from traffic cameras, including locations in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. (View on YouTube)

Biloxi, Mississippi

This live feed from the City of Biloxi shows a view of the beach. (View on YouTube)

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