November 29, 2021

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Watters on Minneapolis voters deciding not to replace police department: ‘This is why people hate politicians’ – Fox News

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“The Five” co-hosts sounded off Wednesday on Minneapolis voters’ decision not to replace the city’s police department with a public safety force. 

In a resounding affirmation of public confidence in law enforcement, Minneapolis voters Tuesday decided not to replace the police department 57% to 44%. 


“I think that Minneapolis sent a message nationally,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said. “…The inner city doesn’t want the police to be defunded and the number reduced. And instead, what we have are people like Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison saying, ‘Let’s get rid of the police.’ No, the people don’t want that.”

The “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host said the city’s police department is down approximately 250 officers while crime is up and citizens resist no-cash bail. As people are killed and become “victims of violent crime,” they tell Democrats, “You’re not getting rid of the police, no matter what your progressive agenda nonsense is,” the judge said.

“The fact of the matter is Ilhan Omar has no connection with cops. Only when you need them, that’s when you want them. She has no idea what cops’ lives are like,” co-host Geraldo Rivera added.

Co-host Jesse Watters suggested voters sent a message to pandering lawmakers.

“This is why people hate politicians,” the “Watters’ World” host explained, saying they “listened to a few screamers on the streets,” defunded the police and “caused a huge crime wave.”

“[H]ow many times in the history of this great nation have the politicians done the opposite of what the people wanted?” Watters asked. “You could say that the history of this country is that.”

He further explained that being a politician in a democracy is as “easy” as “putting your finger in the air” and “listen[ing] to what your voters want.”


“Gutfeld!” host and co-host Greg Gutfeld quipped that Omar is moving to Philadelphia, “the City of Brotherly Love.” He urged the abolition of no-cash bail and warned the Democratic Party that if it does not stop “driving into the race-based abyss,” “your party’s going to be as dead as Keith Olbermann’s career.”

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