December 7, 2021

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What is the OSHA vaccine mandate and testing requirement for businesses? –

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Businesses with 100 or more employees have until Jan. 4 to get their employees vaccinated for COVID, or have them submit to weekly testing, according to rules issued Thursday by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under the Labor Department.

Workers must have received a full course of vaccination, meaning two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer COVID vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine, by the Jan. 4 deadline.

The rules also require unvaccinated workers to begin wearing masks indoors by Dec. 5, and they must submit to weekly COVID testing if they do not get vaccinated by the Jan. 4 deadline.

Companies are not required to cover the costs of the tests unless outlined in labor union contracts or mandated by state or local law.

They are also not required to pay for masks. Anyone who tests positive for COVID is barred from going into work.

The rules do not apply for people who work remotely from home, work exclusively outside, or perform work where nobody else is present. Religious and medical exemptions are also available.

The Biden administration also on Thursday pushed back the deadline for federal government contractors to adhere to stricter vaccination requirements from Dec. 8 to Jan. 4 to match the deadlines in the private sector and in health care settings, CNBC reported.

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