June 13, 2021

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Will Cain: Biden touts anti-Asian hate crime law using non-AAPI victims, focuses on perpetrators’ White race – Fox News

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Fox News host Will Cain noted Thursday on “Fox News Primetime” that President Biden touted a new COVID-centered anti-Asian hate crimes law by invoking the murders of an activist in Charlottesville, Va., at the hands of a White supremacist and a man of Lebanese descent killed by his White neighbor, with the host adding that to Biden, “it’s not really the victims that matter, it’s the perpetrators.”

CAIN: Why did Joe Biden choose those two victims? It’s not because they are Asian or pacific islanders because they are obviously not. It’s because they were killed by racist white men. Heather Heyer in Charlottesville and Khalid Jabara by a man who harassed his neighbors for years assuming they were Muslim. I thought this was the COVID-19 anti-Asian hate crime act? Why not invite, you know, a single victim of anti-Asian violence? 

Why not invite the Asian woman beaten with a hammer just last month right here in New York? Or the 53-year-old Asian woman stabbed while waiting for a bus in San Francisco? Why not invite a single victim of anti-asian hate crime? 

Because whether you are Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or the mainstream media at large, it’s not really the victims that matter. It’s the perpetrators. 


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