October 27, 2021

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Woman wanted for allegedly stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop arrested – Boston Herald

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The Pennsylvania woman accused of directing pro-Trump rioters to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office during the Capitol siege, stealing a laptop in Pelosi’s office, and allegedly trying to send it to Russia has been arrested.

Riley June Williams

Federal authorities say Riley June Williams, who was on the run with possibly the laptop computer or hard drive, surrendered, according to multiple reports.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office online database of those charged in the Capitol riot listed Williams as being “arrested 1/18/21 in the Middle District of Pennsylvania.” There were no further details available just before midnight Monday of her arrest, but the “statement of facts” in the case was included.

The FBI tip line for the deadly Capitol insurrection has been flooded with calls since Jan. 6. One witness who made several calls into the FBI’s tip line was Williams’ former partner, the feds said.

Her ex said they saw Williams in video footage from inside the Capitol building. She was directing rioters up a staircase, according to the ex, named “W1” in the criminal complaint.

“W1 also claimed to have spoken to friends of WILLIAMS, who showed W1 a video of WILLIAMS taking a laptop computer or hard drive from Speaker Pelosi’s office,” the complaint reads. “W1 stated that WILLIAMS intended to send the computer device to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service.

“According to W1, the transfer of the computer device to Russia fell through for unknown reasons and WILLIAMS still has the computer device or destroyed it,” the complaint states. “This matter remains under investigation.”

The feds have watched YouTube videos of Williams inside the Capitol.

“She can be heard in the video repeatedly yelling, ‘Upstairs, upstairs, upstairs,’ and can be seen physically directing other intruders to proceed up a staircase,” the feds wrote.

“I have confirmed with U.S. Capitol Police that the staircase depicted in the video does, in fact, lead to Speaker Pelosi’s office,” the feds added, also writing, “The maps confirm that there is a nearby staircase, which leads to the office of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.”

Williams apparently fled soon after, the feds said. Her mother told law enforcement officers in Harrisburg, Pa., that Williams packed a bag and left her home. She would be gone for a couple of weeks, Williams told her mother.

“WILLIAMS did not provide her mother any information about her intended destination,” the feds wrote. “Sometime after January 6, 2021, WILLIAMS changed her telephone number and deleted what I believe were her social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Parler.”

  • Images of RILEY JUNE WILLIAMS, from an FBI affidavit

  • Images of RILEY JUNE WILLIAMS, from an FBI affidavit

  • Images of RILEY JUNE WILLIAMS, from an FBI affidavit

  • Images of RILEY JUNE WILLIAMS, from an FBI affidavit

  • Images of RILEY JUNE WILLIAMS, from an FBI affidavit

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